Indu Bala

I am living a WOW life, literally! And the credit goes to Nutrilite W.O.W. program.

I have been dealing with my overweight for quite sometime and it has affected my lifestyle adversely. But things started getting worse when my body became a burden on my mind. I was doing everything possible and available for weight management. However, nothing was working for me. Somebody suggested hard-core fitness regime along with strict dieting. I started doing  2-3 hours of fitness training and managed it with two meals a day. But within a few weeks, I started feeling weak. It realised that it was happening due to exertion and lack of nutrition. So, I gave up. I tried few more things but couldn’t find a lasting way to manage my weight. Being an ABO I have a busy life and I was looking for a weight management solution which can fit into my lifestyle. Whatever I tried either it was too generic or very tough to follow. But, then I got to know that Amway is launching a personalised weight management program. It was like my wish has been granted. 

I bought my first Nutrilite W.O.W. bundle. I started my W.O.W.  journey by taking a personalised assessment test. Once I finished the test, I received my personalised recommendation report. The whole process is completely scientific and well planned. My report had customised diet plans which means I don’t have to give-up my favourite delicacies like gulab jamun and dal makhni.  What this meal plan does for me? It tells me to take 1500 calories/day. So, if I want to have gulab jamun during the day, I should have a bodykey shake in the dinner to manage my carbohydrate intake. Now, that’s what I call personalisation! 

Another important factor which makes W.O.W. a unique weight management program is that, it keeps you engaged. Once you begin your journey, you may join a community on NutriliteWOW App or take part in challenges on the website and share your story as well. The whole purpose is to stay motivated and keep going. 

The InBodyBAND is also something worth mentioning. It looks really stylish and goes well with whatever I wear. Through this gadget, I realised that my daily step count was way below par. I checked the data displayed every day and tried my best to reach the target step count. I took up ‘45 minutes daily workout challenge’ and the InBodyBAND kept an eye on my activity status.  In fact, I found that it wasn’t too difficult to realise my goal! It motivated me to work harder to achieve my goals. It acts as my buddy-cum-coach!

In the first month I lost 5-6 Kgs and the best part of the whole process is that I don’t feel like I am doing anything extra to manage my weight. W.O.W. fits into my lifestyle seamlessly.  


- W.O.W. stands for ‘Will Over Weight’

- A Weight Management Program

- Not for medicinal use

- Not a substitute for a balanced diet 

The views and opinions expressed in the article are solely of Ms. Indu Bala in her personal capacity and do not reflect the views of Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Amway India explicitly disclaim any and all liability that may result from such views and opinions.